What is the life cycle of software development?

A set of instructions for the computer to read and understand in order to perform a specific task is called Software. Software development is the process of using computer programming to develop software. This is not new to many, but the subject under consideration will be new to many. SDLC, or Software Development Life Cycle, is the process of developing new software.

The process of developing a software is not difficult to understand. The SDLC procedure is like this:

Compilation and analysis of software development requirements
Software Design
Coding or programming
Software Testing
Software Maintenance
Compilation and analysis of software development requirements

This is the initial phase. As in any business, starting to work on new software requires a plan. The planning phase will include project managers, stakeholders, and even some high-level software developers. No matter how professional or how long the software development company has been operating, planning is not an easy phase to follow. Although, it would take less time for experts to plan a new project and then start working on it, but there will still be some questions that should always be answered before undertaking any project. Below are some questions that need to be answered before taking on the project:

Who will use the software?
How will they use it?
What is the necessary data to enter?
What will be the output of the input data?
What is the purpose?

Will, there be a need to hire new staff or will the current staff have the right skills and capacity to work on this new project?
Find their answers. Is the project worth it? A thorough analysis is required. There will be more questions that need to be answered before undertaking this new project. All work is documented for future reference.

Software Design

Now comes the second phase, the design of the software. Based on the documentation and results of the first phase, the system and software are designed. From this, the developers get to know the hardware and system requirements necessary to complete their new project. This phase will also define the architecture of the system. The design phase will establish the requirements for the next phase.

Coding or programming

Here comes the role of software developers. The system design documents are now divided into modules and the developers start their work. This is going to be the longest phase of all. Programming is done here and everyone knows that programming is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time, experience and patience. Once this is done, the software developer sends his work to the tester.

Software Testing

When you are in the production business, the quality of the product is always monitored and tested. The same goes for software development. Once the coding is done, the software developer sends his work to the Software Quality Assurance department/staff. They will overlook the work of software developers. Software quality assurance or SQA for short will look for errors and test the software. The test will be performed in accordance with the requirements and guidelines mentioned in the requirements document. Unit tests, integration tests, system tests, acceptance tests are performed by the SQA and if deviations or errors are found, it is sent back to the software developer. The procedures will continue to be repeated until the software is error-free and ready to be deployed.

Software Deployment

Once the software and tests have been successfully completed, it is sent to the customer in question or made available to the public.

Software maintenance

Only non-serious professionals or those who aren’t willing to conduct their business won’t look back on their software, but serious developers will. All software needs updating and maintenance. Whenever the software encounters a problem, the software development company will be there to fix it.

Software development is a technically complex process that goes through various stages throughout the software development process. This concept is defined as the software development life cycle (S/W) (SDLC) and covers the different stages of development (S/W). In order to successfully offer software development services, organizations should define a development methodology that meets the requirements of the project. Different projects may require different methodologies, so software development service providers must first assess the requirements of the project and then formulate a strategy for the software lifecycle.

Most software development service providers have a predefined methodology that is implemented during software development. The process gets slightly modified according to the requirements of the project, but the essence of the project development procedure remains the same. The basic stages of software development are listed below:

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